Sunday, November 23, 2008

Running Out Of Things To Say

hi there, children
i am serioulsy losing my braint train here
my thought process is dieing
but yeh
i feel like bloggin
but i dont have anything to say
so i am just like, rambling til i come up with something


thats what i do

just ramble away and then coe up with something interesting to talk about


nothings really going on

i aint really emotional these days

nothing to be emotional about for me


i have lazed about here or gone out and had fun with friends

so its all looking up for me for now

i'm waiting for the shit to hit and fan and stuff

but for now i am sailing on by


hm, my 'I Am Clara' thing i think is pretty cool

it is an idea i have had for a while now, and i just started a sentence in my last blog and went with it

the story of Clara, is that in her lifetime she is going to go through a heck of alot of shit

and i mean, like, a cruel amount

and then at the end of the last chapter, i have this most beautifully poetic idea

but yes, a cruel amount of Raw pain and suffering

like her unnecessary rape

the pretence for her birth is she will be born an addict, straight away she will be a head case

terrible thing

lots of terrible ideas i have going on for this dear little girls life

her parents are nut jobs too

her mothers a drug addict, high on alot of stuff and her father is an out rageous Neo-Nazi

yay for dysfunctional

she will fall in love, she will have SO much pain in her life

its a terrible idea for a story

but i want to write it

i have the idea so perfect in my head

Clara is the western worlds pains all roled into one

she lives the life no one wants to live


its just so beautiful

and poetic

and saddeningly terrible and tragic

ah well

moving on


i cant think of anything i think is worth talking about

soi yeh



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  1. Oh GOD
    let me know when you're finished btw. Would make some very interesting reading (Y)

    love you xx