Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Defined - Cinq

The Talonless Eagle.
I would hate to think i was disliked by one of my J's
how terrible
tragic as my shoebox's cluttering is, it would be more tragic to think that the terrible essence of this could make things odder. hhmm

i am an odd person.
i really truly am, and i love it.
this blog is pretty pointless as it has to point to it, and no rhythm and no lyrics and nothing, it is just noise.
i love the chaos theory. a lot of what i do and how i act and what i say, most probably fits perfectly into chaos theory, in some way or another.

ah, chaos.
does opening one door close another.
no all doors are open just a jar.

cinq is a disappointment as of yet, i hope to futurily say something so outwardly baffling and awe inspiringly brilliant that all will be re corrected and fine again.
limited likelihood of that, but still i continue.
LaRouge, that song shall be brilliant, as undefined it is at this present moment, but yet still i can see the brilliance in it, because of such rawness in its ways.
speaking of rawness, Jes Woolford's singing, OMFG, i love it, gave me goosebumps, GAH, lovely.

any who, i am random, therefore i have no strike structure, yes or no.
no, i have structure, just displayed in cryptically well thought out and rhythmic notions. mhm.
No more effing school, woot, there is a possibility of a pile of blogs being posted all throughout the holidays, thats quite terrible
oo i need somewhere to stay over new years, otherwise i must got to some place near moonta, god no
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, potato chips, no crisps.

i like to make up stuff on my 'sisters' keyboard.
i've made some interesting crap, it ain't brilliant, it ain't a masterpiece, but it is interesting, it is perfectly simple and honest, so pfft to you, haha.
firstly, i need to no that i ain't being disliked, just simply because in any case of the matter, i wouldn't like that, because i don't dislike, so mmmmmmmm.
i truly am a terrible person, but honestly, and this is honesty right here, i don't care.

i need to consider what i am going to write next time, before i actually start writing, otherwise in get into terrible strifes like this, where i am rambling and talking crap.
yaya, no more school, woot woot.
i wish to one day play the cello, because i duno, i just love that instrument, haha. odd huh.
all will one day be fine.

tragically and terribly.
i hope to one day, know i am doing what is right, for all involved.
is it always worth it.
i love you all, good day, good evening and good night. you are in my dreams.


  1. Hehe I are talking to you on Myspace.

  2. I wanna learn the cello too!
    That was slightly less interesting than others, but not every day can be a deep and meaningful day. I like the bit at the end, about knowing your doing the right thing...