Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Defined - Deux

I Am Undefined.
As I Seem To Like To State.
I Think Its Because I Still Feel A Bit Lost In My Own Head.
Which Ain't Necessarily A Bad Thing, Just An Odd Thing.

People Interest Me.
As I Like To Be Interesting Too. So I Like To See What Makes Others Interesting As Well. Mmm.
I Am So Odd Sometimes.
These Blogs Are For The Sake Of Nothing Now.

I Don't Quite Have Much To Say. But I Like To Write Blogs, Because I Find It Relaxing. Mmm.
People Are Complicated Things.
We Don't Realize How Complicating We Really Are, We Take Ourselves For Granted. Maybe.
There Are People Out There I Find The Oddest, Or The Most Confusing.

2 Alex's Make Me Wonder, Another One Just Makes Me Sick.
Tight Nit 'J's Make Wonders In My Head.
A Cavorting 'J' Makes Me Worried, Or Otherwise Just Wonder.
An Set Of Uncanny Misfits Makes My Day Feel Warmer.

Billis Seems A Better Mate These Days.
And Little Miss Sunshine Is So Special Too.
While McLala Just Seems To Make Me Feel Better All The Time, Even Tho She Isn't The Happiest Bunny, She Is Still A Lovely Person To See Each Day.
Science Isn't A Place I Feel I Need To Avoid. I Just Haven't Felt Like Visiting Yet.

Defining All That Is Around Me.
All Seems Well, I Feel Happier.
Yay, xx.


  1. okay i worked out your mc people before but who is mclala...? mmmm billy's alex and alex bulley make you wonder...? which other alex...? mcintosh? tight knit J's... Jes and ? no i have no idea. cavorting j... jake? uncanny misfits, they're, yeah, josh i think? and i forget who else? sacha, little miss sunshine. haha you have to tell me if i'm guessing right. love you

  2. wait tight knit j's, jess louise and josh? i dunno how close they are.. mm

  3. EEEEEEEEEEE (: you just made me smile so much! i read your truthbox thing! and like, in here too. i wasn't sure. but eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (: