Sunday, November 23, 2008

'I Am Clara'

A stranger walks in to a bar
offers to buy everyone a drink
only 3 people accept

one is an alcoholic, he'll take anything for free
the second is the bar keeper
the third is a young woman

she introduces herself to the stranger
'Hello, I Am Clara'
the stranger turns to her, and looks her over

'why would you take a drink from a stranger'
he asks, questioning the young lady before him
her dark hair just tickling her shoulders, as she replies

'for i trust my judgement more that yours'
he simply smiles
'i am but a stranger, you know nothing of me'

she giggles
'and you know just as much of me.
sir, you chose to offer drinks to people

who in all there life's have done nothing for you
so i decided to return the favor, by accepting the drink
from someone who i have done nothing for'

'sure doll, whatever you say'
'i find pleasure in knowing
that trust is still alive in this world'

Clara wakes up, the stranger gone from her life.
the hope that it was all a dream, disappears
as she notices her newly raped body

she recollects the evening before
the changes being, they never spoke
except for the simple words

'stop screaming, bitch'
she shivers as the memories come back
as she realizes who she has become

Clara just takes a sigh
moves from the gutter
and continues with her life again

'I Am Clara' - an extract

i made it up on the spot, but i have the basis for the story of 'I Am Clara'
its quite a terrible story

but yeh

felt like letting people read


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