Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Troll Hunters Guide To Sewing Chicken Together

A string of random thoughts has entered my head
i am in another one of my opdd moods where everything needs be random and conjoined at the hip

i am a weirdo, leave me alone

red lily mmmmmmm

the 'pornographic' description of blood, how odd, yet i can be odder, ney, i will be odder. lol

it is talonless eagles that which i feel most sharpest of grasps, for they are willing to still try, even tho it is nearly more impossible than all else they try

i am meant to be doing homework

oh and if anyone can figure the meaning to that tolonless eagle thing, give me a bell and i will tell you if you are right or wrong or just plain stupid, ahha

i feel really sick and like mm

and fat


not really, i aint fat, your fat, lol

i am in an odd mood, and like a mood where i dont really know what is up but i feel the need to be more odder than i feel and so therefore express unnaturally high levels of odd and so here i am

my flow of words conjoins with my unnecerssary desire to just be me

i dont know

odd, strange, confusing much

hold fire on the poor lad with the twisted leg .... wait til we tie him down first

haha, odd and kinda sadistic

i shall stop this now, before i am committed for being paranoid schizophrenic with ADD and Alzheimer, yaya

love you all, but more the stars, for they dont mock me, yet show me the way

and so on and so forth shall darth vadar be my father and forever hold your peice



  1. Hey hey, Darth Vader is the brother of my granfather's sister best friend's son, twice removed!
    How coincidental!
    Argh, you, me and Laryissa can all be odd together hey?
    And lol at 'the pornographic description of blood'
    and no i cant figure out the talonless eagle thign, wanna know why? because the possibilities are endless. just like us.

  2. i don't understand tongue party unless it's like some making out orgy but kay sure, also YAY FOR STAR WARS and like,
    eagles, working on it. i'll probably get it like the pair of tight knit j's >.<
    i'll porn your graphic ^_^
    geographic ^_^
    that's national geographic to you ^_^
    aghhh /rolls over and dies, foam on lips ;P