Monday, November 24, 2008

Defined - Six

Are we defined by who we are
or more precisely
who we want to be

our aspiration and our dreams
our desires as human beings, and what we want to become
the future we wish to have

i have been thinking recently a lot about where i want to go with my life
and i think i have cracked the desires and dreams i wish to for fill and my aspirations of life
but as it seems, the things i wish in life are harder to get than you'd expect

so i wonder sometimes
should i push towards my dreams, irrelevant to how hard it might be to complete the
and when i think like that, i answer myself quite quickly

of course
so thats what i am going to do, fight for the impossible
wish for the dream that others don't see

Dream Sequence 7
do you get it
probably not

ok well, anyways
i have had little human contact today
my mind has gone to my hands

i need to life a bit more humanly for the rest of the week
so i shall try my best to do more, rather than sit around all day, 'relaxing'
Threedom, mhm

so anyways, i love those i love
i hate those i hate
i wish for the ones who wish for there own dreams


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