Monday, November 10, 2008

Toggle On Weirdo

So yesterday, i was at the beach, cos it is my brothers birthday tomoro, and we went down to have something to eat and go to the beach and shit

and i spent alot of time in my own thoughts being incredibly random

i was singing to my self, all sorts of random lyrics and tunes, forming all sorts of cryptic messages that i could sing to anyone and be all like, yesum thats me

i wish i could sing superbly

i mean. i would sing in spite of if i could or not, but i would sure like to be able to sing well

that would be much better, you know

haha, i am such a random person.

i was noting down all the titles for the songs, and i ended up with 25 songs that i could make as random as possible, but still have a defiant message in it. i think that is quite an achieve meant.

of course they were all random unconnected random things like, Dime Soldier, Beach Time and Lemon Cheesecake, Melon Fights And Dog Biscuits. lol

and the greatest one of all

I Sold Your Hate To The Spanish Woman With The 3 Black Children And The Cat With The Limp, All For Some Ice Cream And Those Dam Cheerio's.

ahha, i am such a freak

one day you will be listening to that song, going 'WTF man!!'


Spontaneous Randomist With An Agenda, thats me, if i were to make an album that would be the title

haha, i shall make my soings, and they shall be random, yet inspirational, and make people cry, and laugh and understand, and be inspired


I Truely Am The Pedestrian Amongst The Traffic.

la la la la

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  1. Hmm, I wish I could sing too.
    I'm in the process of writing lyrics for a band, Away Back Home.
    One song is actually finished lol, a few others in the process. It's damn hard work, hey?