Friday, July 31, 2009

A Hop, Skip and A Whiskey Bottle

I hate knowing that next year I will be free from 12 to 13 years worth of the schooling routine. I think, the knowing, is what is causing me to just mentally breakdown.

My parents are always asking me what I want to do, and the thing that I hate is the questions. Even though I know that I would never decide to just turn around and tell them everything, mainly because most of the time I know my thoughts are ridiculous, but also because I just don't like talking to them. My dad does this thing where before I've even made me point he will be giving me other options and I duno my mum just has this way of seeming like she is only asking because she thinks she has to.

I've never liked thinking of the future, let alone planning for it. Next year I will theoretically be alone to face the world. Which I hate thinking about, but need to talk about.

I'm trying for a job. Which will probably not pan out how I really hope at all. I am trying all I can to make sure I don't end up in fast food. That will only be if I get to a stage of pure desperation. I keep using the excuse to my parents and myself, that I am too busy working on school work, but realistically the last time I did so much school work that I didn't allow myself time to get on the computer and do fuck all for 4 hours, was about never ago.

I will be turning 18 next year. I will be suddenly given a lot more responsibility. But I will also be legally allowed where ever I like in the city or what not. I am actually looking forward to the idea of spending a night on the town sometime. Which I think is natural for a simple 17 year old boy. I'm not yet a man, :).

The future looks a sort of bluey green colour.


Demoralised Networks

Prison Break should of ended at the end of season two I reckon. Most people say it would of been best to end it at the end of season one, but I think that you'd still need to know what happens afterwards. I mean, would they just leave the audience to make up there own mind. Evidently, they have decided to drag the story an extra 2 seasons too far. Dam big shot money grubbing douchebags destroying perfectly good television.

You should never what TV with me. I talk through it. I will put in my little two cents, and the only person I know who seems to atleast humour me, is my brother Joe. I'll say what I have to say about certain characters and the emotions in certain scenes and how good I think it is and why. My brother reckons I should be a TV critic. That's probably because he would prefer me to leave him to watch TV in piece, but I don't think that's going to happen.

What enjoy in some good TV, is peoples attempts to break social norms. Since I absolutely detest stereotypes and any form of 'cultural expectations' and the likes, I find it refreshing when shows are different, original and offer a different perspective or emotional response. This attitude is probably why I am still able to watch 'LOST'.

There are some great characters out there, that I just love watching. Sometimes it is only the existence of one character that will make me watch a series. I love story lines that are not only cutting edge, but also full of depth.

What I am sick of though, are these annoying Teen Drama/Comedies, pointless Cop Dramas and shows that don't seem to be able to commit to there basic story concept. What I would love to see are some dead beat poor low life teens trying to get by while one parent is in jail and the other one is an alcoholic, I want to see some shows that have heart and a soul. Not shows designed purposely to build an audience, only to disappoint after sweeps week.

I love TV, but sometimes is kills me.


Gay Marriage

I don't know what I want out of the world anymore.

I don't believe in the sanctity of marriage. There is no spirituality in it anymore. People get married for money, for power, for simply to get married, for the sake of a pregnancy, for publicity, for the gifts and in all of that the romance can be lost. There is no more love left in the idea of marriage. 50% of marriages end in divorce. The other 50% are surviving barely and only through denial, or for the children, the money and/or the vows they so forcefully try to commit to. There is a thing called an open marriage, where people have sex with other people. Some people stay married while the husband has a mistress. Wives and husbands have been known to kill there spouses because they couldn't handle being with them.

Yet, here in this world where we pretend to hold on to the values of marriage. There are hundreds upon thousands of hopeful individuals who could easily bring back the sanctity that people so openly want to hold on to. The real love, is in the people who are still together after 30/40/50 years of discrimination and ridicule. Who just want that simple option of the true spirituality that so many people have. Maybe not even the spiritual bond, but rather a legal bond. Classify them legally as people trying to spend the rest of there lives together. In a world where arranged marriages controls a whole culture of people, we can't look beyond our hypocritic nose and see the bigger picture.

I don't see that justification, and I don't understand the reasoning at all. You can shout to me god's name, but if you must, then shout it as well to all those people who have those marriages, yet commit adultery, yet only marry for money, those who divorce, those who launder money from there spouses, all those people that use the everyday legal system to wipe every cent they can from a husband or wife they had for 3 years. If you want to tell me that God doesn't want this, then I want to see you fighting against all the rest of it, otherwise you can take your contradictory half bait idealistic bullshit and shove it where the sun don't shine.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Death of Dobby

I haven't blogged for a while, and even though I know no one noticed nor even cared, I'm still going to treat this post like I have an adoring public that have been so desperately seeking my words. Only doing that, so I feel like there is a purpose to my rambles or simple sentences.

Cynicism and an angry family.

Just pissed off my brother because I am on the computer, and I said he can't go on yet, because this dam box of lights and wires has been giving me the shits and I had to restart it.

I am tired and depleted, and I have to go.