Friday, July 31, 2009

Demoralised Networks

Prison Break should of ended at the end of season two I reckon. Most people say it would of been best to end it at the end of season one, but I think that you'd still need to know what happens afterwards. I mean, would they just leave the audience to make up there own mind. Evidently, they have decided to drag the story an extra 2 seasons too far. Dam big shot money grubbing douchebags destroying perfectly good television.

You should never what TV with me. I talk through it. I will put in my little two cents, and the only person I know who seems to atleast humour me, is my brother Joe. I'll say what I have to say about certain characters and the emotions in certain scenes and how good I think it is and why. My brother reckons I should be a TV critic. That's probably because he would prefer me to leave him to watch TV in piece, but I don't think that's going to happen.

What enjoy in some good TV, is peoples attempts to break social norms. Since I absolutely detest stereotypes and any form of 'cultural expectations' and the likes, I find it refreshing when shows are different, original and offer a different perspective or emotional response. This attitude is probably why I am still able to watch 'LOST'.

There are some great characters out there, that I just love watching. Sometimes it is only the existence of one character that will make me watch a series. I love story lines that are not only cutting edge, but also full of depth.

What I am sick of though, are these annoying Teen Drama/Comedies, pointless Cop Dramas and shows that don't seem to be able to commit to there basic story concept. What I would love to see are some dead beat poor low life teens trying to get by while one parent is in jail and the other one is an alcoholic, I want to see some shows that have heart and a soul. Not shows designed purposely to build an audience, only to disappoint after sweeps week.

I love TV, but sometimes is kills me.


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