Thursday, November 27, 2008

Red Static

So yeh, i am bored, and decided to blog a little bit. HAHA, i also decided to randomly add a picture to my post, because, well, i can.

:P. but yeh.

i've been editing alot of picture, due to my strange creative buzz that i have got


so i am running out of things to say, because there isn't much left these days to talk about

school is over, so there isnt much happening, there, and so like, BAHH

hhmm, i have the desire to blog, but i dont actually have the thoughts to coincide with my desire, which is terrible, but true

honesty is nice sometimes, for people to be honest is occasionally, and more often than not, the better option, especially for those of you out there who are terrible liars, tut tut.

hhmm, moving on

i am growing wary of my undesirable lack of thoughts

i shall leave you all now

and hope that someone might be able to inspire me


oh wait one thing

people, i wish for you to tell me what you think of me
to help me with my myspace

i want people to tell me what they think of me and like how they would describe me and stuff
because yeh

if people could help me with that, then that would be great



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