Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pink in french is Rose

i've been wanting to find that out for ages, and finally, YAY, i have found it out

woot woot.

a thought has been brought up in my scrolling of the world. is it going to be that people are just going to assume i am in love with them, because i am, as you might say, more open to anyone.

regardless of how taken i am, it is still practically plausible that people might believe i would just fall for anyone, well not anyone, but those of a specific variety, 50% of the population, the other 50% to the percent that i am not in. mm

is it going to be the conclusion people are going to make, when i decide to out of the blue start taking an interest, LOL, well yes, but hhmm. it makes me wonder, would they have thought that if they didnt know, is it just because they assume now it is plausible, that that is the only answer, how self centered and tragic.

tragic is my new word of choice, everything is tragic.

Tout est tragique

un jour, tout doit être sain d'esprit nouveau, et nous allons vivre dans la pièce. Jusque-là, j'espère que les gens juste être ouvert d'esprit et accepter pour moi qui je suis en train d'être.


i believe that that french is probably grammatically incorrect. google translator i doubt is actually that good, but eh, my point has been made

Je souhaite pour l'amant parfait

french is such a beautiful language, but moving on, :P

i have had a very uneventful day, really. other than theoreticly put my head on the chopping block and hope that my prays would be answered and zorro would save the day, it has been uneventful. oh and brilliantly relaxing, mm yeh.

my optimism keeps me standing.

oh my god, i have just realised something, something that i shall keep to my self, i think, but that is shiningly brilliant.

OMG, the other j has been trying to get my attention. oh wow, if i think back, wow.

hhmm, honestly, i feel the desire for some honest love, and if you think about it, honestly, the one i am kinda in someways chasing, would be the perfect person to grant love.

think about it, Jazz (the name i am giving to this person) has loved undoubtedly everyone jazz has ever loved. if you look at the track record, jazz has loved continuously and even kinda to an annoying level, maybe

but i feel some need to that, i think, maybe, i duno, i am being weird

but this other J, i think would be a better match, probably

how tragic that i am thinking like this, when i have a j of my own, already in my possession, but that i am thinking of much, with out considering that.


Si seulement mon coeur savait ce qu'il voulait.


  1. 1 - the french confuses me but i love it xD
    2 - thou art getting rather deep into some thoughts there, dear Sam. dont think too hard lest you strain yourself =P
    My wrist guard makes it take ages to type. this took me like, 5 minutes.

  2. i dont understand, but that is ok
    i wasnt much of a French linguist, even in primary school