Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Back Hurts

A quick blog to explain how much physical pain i am in



i can't move properly

haha, i just sneezed and it hurt my back

it hurts to sit, it hurts to stand, it hurts to walk, it hurts to lie down

damn back pain

die in a whole


the end


  1. what's wrong? if you were a girl i'd think like, pms, lol. but i'm fairly sure that can't be an accurate diagnosis for you? this is worrying >=(

  2. p.s. i love you and i hope whatever it is goes away/

  3. Aiee, poor Sam!
    Hope it gets better.
    Take it easy,
    I love you (even if you made me cry with your adorableness xD)
    Oh, and both Laryissa and Sam, go to bed earlier. Trust me, as the original walking zombie, (eg. not sleeping properly for over a year, ranging from wayy too much to staying awake for three days straight, I know how crap it is, so be good, both of you. I love you both)
    And holy hell what a long bracket xD