Monday, November 24, 2008

My Old Myspace Profile Information

Hi, My Name Is Sam, And I Live In Adelaide. I Used To Live In England Until 2005, When I Moved Out Here To Australia. I Am Now Having The Best Time Of My Life.
I Love My Friends, And Everthing Is Great, And So Woot Woot.

I Can Be Very Opinionated, And When I Believe That Something Is Right I Will Fight For It Until My Face Explodes, And I Have Been Known To Get Near Enough To.

I Like To Be Happy As Much As Is Humanly Possible, I Hate .Feeling Sad, So I Never Let Myself Feel Like It. Well, Not When People Are Around.

I Have Been Known To Hold All My Feelings In, And I Reckon That Is Pretty True. I Wont Open Up, Because I Don't Like Other People Having To Deal With What Is Going ON With Me, I Would Much Prefer To Sit Back And Try And Help Other People Rather Than Spend Time Talking About What Makes Me Feel Upset.!

I Spend A Lot Of Time Thinking. I Don't Necessarily Mean To, I Just Kinda, Do. I Find It Easy To Think About Stuff, And So I Come Up With Strange Analogies Of Stuff. If You Take It In, It Does Actually Make Sense

I Find It Better To Explain Things Through Metaphors Or Through Strange Connections Of Words. I Am An Irrational Person, So I Find It Hard To Explain Things Rationally. But I Do Try. Its Easier For ME To Write Things Down, Because I Have More Of A Chance To Think. I Often Stutter Or Say Like, If I Haven't Had The Chance To Think.

I Love My Family More. I Am Happy With My Friends More. I Am Myself More When I Am Alone. You Can Say I Am A Faker, Or You Can Say I Pretend, Or That I Put On Too Much Of A Mask. But At Least I Can See My Own Disguises, And See When I Am Pretending And Hiding. Its All To Save Myself From My Own Flaws. One Day I Wont Need To Be Alone To Feel Myself. Until Then, You Can Just Judge The Un Judgeable.

I Like It When People Listen To Me. Generally People Don't Seem To. They Hear That I Am Speaking, But Never Tend To Listen To What I Am Saying. People Tend To Not Realize How Smart I Can Really Be. They just Seem To Only Listen When I Am Saying The Stupid Things.

I Believe I Am Relatively Intellectual. HAHA, What Am I Saying, I Am Practically A Genius. My Mumsy Is The Person I Get Most Of My Smarts From, She Is The Smartest Woman I Know, And So It Has Rubbed Of Onto Me. I Cant Understand Sometimes How People Can Just Be So Stupid, LOL. People Like That Annoy Me, HAHA.

I Am An Empathetic Person. Not Often Sympathetic, LOL, But Empathetic. It Works For Me. I Can Understand The Feelings And Emotions And Stuff Behind People, But I Often Don't Feel Sympathetic, Because I Also Understand That There Are Billions Of People In The World Who Have It Worse, So Yeh. But I Do Like To Comfort And Help Out, As Much As I Can, But I Wont Give Them My Sympathy.

I Am Very Very Weird Sometimes. I Do Odd Things, Because Sometimes I Dont Really Think About It Laterally, I Just Do Things. Sometimes I Feel So Tangled Up In Some Form Of Feeling, That The Only Way Out Is Kinda By Doing Something That Some Would Class AS Weird OR Strange Or Odd Or Whatever. I AM Fine With That, And I Hope People Can Accept That Of Me Too.

I May Be Random, But There Is A Point.

To Be Continued ...

I Like To Be Incredibly Random And Spontaneous.!!
Some Of The Best Decisions I Make Are The Ones That Take No Time To Think Of.!!
I Want To Save The Wolrd.!!

I Want To Have The Greatest Adventure Imaginable.!!

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