Thursday, November 27, 2008

Ramblings Of A Mad Man!!!

So yeh. i am in a state of boredom that can only be a surpassed by unnaturally long blogs and a testiment of random phrases and words that i feel hold a sense of deep and thought to them but otherwise just look like the strange insecent nonsense of an ex british man.


that otherwise means, that a odd as i may be sounding in the next few hundered words, i will in the end form some form of meaning while i type

because thats what i do, and how i work. yep

so, i am at school, even tho i dont need to be, and i am sitting in the mac lab. an odd place, with an stimulating number of overly extraverted and unnaturally loud performing arts students, all trying there best to express there loves and lives wishes as if people are actually listening.

it is a steady place full of the motions and movements of mood, and its a totally mellow and majestic place to just be around, snaps for macs.

a turret of annoying kids smashing the keyboards, tho, makes me want to rip of the heads of ever single little kid that enters, and feed then to the giant up the beanstalk, laugh in there faces while peadophile rapist molest there decaying corpses and i sit back with a nice banana milkshake and s large stock of tim tams and write away my memoirs


certainly would be a thrill

so moving forwardly, i address the matter, of the international WHORES associtation. the admitted leader, being the dear Nathan, who coincidently is sitting directly behind moi. i must make a gargantuan plea,. please stop with the random sexing, the skimpy and revealing lycra golden lion suits and the necessity to display you breaticles on the net, thank you and good night dear mistresses of the night and just plain classic desperate floosy who wish to give up themselves and leave there social lives in a mess as everyone just assumed that they are pregnant and or, dieing of AIDs, you know who you are

die in the whore hole you were born in

wow, i feel better now

got that one off my chest

so, how is everyone? rhetorical question, because by the time you answer that i will have given up caring

the next step in my ramblings, shall take us to japan, and then steadily flick us across to thailand, where we shall eventually find ourselves in the mac labs once again.

that was fun, and filled with the necessary in jokes hat will survive longer than an american knock off series airing in australia, by that i am talking about the short lived life of the american version of Kath and Kim, woot woot to them, fuckers

its tragic aint it, very tragic in deed

the lives and turmoils of the shit

and it must end, soon, i must be rid, but how and when is uncertain, but it shall be done, promises have been met and fulfilling them shall be a necessity in my life that i must undertake


i do talk a lot of shit dont i


didgeri fukcing doo

ah, good times, good times, yayas

ok, so i duno what to talk about now

i still have my train of thoughts, its just not everything is desired to be put onto the net, for all to read, mmmmm


Mr. E is a nice man, a fun man, the best neighbour a mind can make up, yep

THREEDOM. i have thought of a cool thing for what that is all about, like i actually made up some strange cheesy meaning, and once i have probably got it written down and i have probably felt it defined, then i will let you take a look at what its all about.


'I Am Clara', my super book, that will be a classic, haha, it could, and i will make it one, the story is perfect, as long as i get the words right and actually write it well, then it shall be good

my songs will all be awesome

Doodle Pad is awesomeness , i love it with quite a lot of me, yayas


hay McGlasses and McDrums, cos i assume you shall be reading this. i just wanted to verify something. that i just dont get what you want me to talk to you about, so hmm. my blog is my way of talking to myself, thats what i see it as. mmm

Chaos theory takes control and generates the practical on me


so yeh

i have more that i thought i was going to say, but am now steadily dieing

so i will wish you all a lovely life and be back later


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  1. "chaos theory takes control and generates the practical on me"
    I like it, a lot.