Sunday, November 16, 2008

Stupid Little Girls

ok, so my sister is being bitched at.

like, people are calling her names and such, and my sister is kinda a woose sometimes and kinda really take people just blindlky insulting her, no matter how ridiculously out of touch the insults are, :P

my sister is in no way a blonde pornstar, a) she is too young to be a pornstar, she is 12, people w0uld get arrested for things like that, b) she is the least 'sexual' (URGH, there 12 how in anyway could any of them be sexual (but believe be, some are)) out of most of her friends, i mean tehre are stories of some girl putting her hand down another guys pants, for crying out loud, now theres your pornstar

i find it quite offensive, for idiots to think that can offend a Lane like that, with such stupid insults. its insulting to think that they arent willing to be smarter

i got a message in my truthbox on myspace the other day calling me a cradle snatcher


wtf. it made me laugh so much. because does someone hate me that much, that they would find something so ridiculous as to say cradle snatcher.

it is common knowlefge that all the people i have gone out with have been no less that 3 months younger than me, so where in the world could i be a cradle snatcher

its insulting to think that they couldnt actually use there brain for an insult, but in other ways so flatteringly pleasing to know that people are willing to sound so stupid just to, i duno, make me 'wither away in fear' or something


people are idiots

and no idiot can insult a Lane



  1. Lane pride, son, way to go!
    I love you.
    Did I ever mention that?
    I feel like I never say those three words properly in real life, so in cyber world i say it all the time.
    Sorry if it offends you that a loser loves you xD

  2. sam, you're such a lane.... >.> that's right. insult of mega proportions. haha not. i mean come on. sam lane. what a name. classic. ;P shortest name in existance, i swear. kicks ass. /nods. how much older are you than me btw? i'm assuming not more than 3 months rofl