Monday, November 24, 2008

Dream Sequence 7

A Scared man crawls from behind a rock
he is shocked to see nothing is around
his dreams already shattered
now his whole world is gone too

a young woman runs up to this rock
and is shocked to see a man, cowering behind it
her dream already begun
now she shall share it with this one too

his short black hair soaked by the rains
her long dazzling red hair shining around
his stuttery voice breaks the silence
her mind opens up, racing faster than ever

'who are you, whats has happened'
he asks, wiping is face of dirt
'my dreams have been answered dear
stranger, for now we are free'

he stands up, and looks at the girl
'but my dreams are dead, i have nothing'
she tilts her head to the side, confused
'you can still complete your dreams

we are free sir' she finishes, content
he stops and looks around, all is empty
she looks and him and puts out her hand
'come on, we have a whole world to explore'

-by Sam Lane

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