Thursday, November 27, 2008

Tulips In The Window.

Through A Frost Glazed Window.
I Watch The Snow Fall.
As Life Keeps On Going By.
Three Tulips Grow By The Wall.

I was singing in the shower today. i was proud of myself. I was impressive, :P. 

Oh, i have a few more albums and song titles to add to the mix



  1. The Village In The Mountain.
  2. The Cliche.
  3. Alibi.
  4. Sunday Mournings.
  5. Insomnia And Thinking.
  6. Apple Crumble Surprise.
  7. Finale.
  8. Moono Highgii Cabba Feeded Tuvuttu.
  9. Beautiful Escape.
  10. Baby Face Charlie.
  11. My Story Gets Forgotten.
  12. Cock-a-doodle-doo.
  13. Caravan Families.
French Weddings (Incomplete):

  1. Sauver Le Monde.
  2. Souhaitent Sur Une Etoile.
  3. Visages Heureux.
Doodle Pad (Incomplete):

  1. My Imagination.
  2. Watery Eyes.
  3. Growing Pains.
  4. Tulips In The Window.
  5. Autumn.
  6. Mr.E.
  7. Raining Birthday Cards

Yes, my song titles have steadily got less random, but i think my favorite so far Is 'Doodle Pad', its just brilliance and i love it to bits, and the songs are better thought out and have a more personal meaning and like, i love it and everything is better

i have been in a crazily creative mood all week, and its kinda fun, and i like it. I'm still as undefined as ever, but you know, things are getting better, and i am having fun with things

i am actually good. not fine or alright or pretty good, but right now, at this moment right here, i feel good

i can feel the need to be fine and/or just pretty good, but thats due to actions that should happen, but cant be certain to happen, but yes

All is splendid

and i am going to stop blogging now, cos other things to do


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  1. dooooouuuuuuche bag
    thats you
    thats right