Thursday, November 27, 2008

Help Moi, Please

Ok, since i believe that most people will not reach the end of my last post, and so therefore will not actually do what i hope people will. i am going to just ask again

ok, so what i would like people to please do for me

is to just tell me what you think of me, or describe me the best you can or something, or just like yeh

because i am doing up my myspace

and am wanting more to add, but need some help

and so yeh

if people could just give me a few nice things, then yeh

Thank You


1 comment:

  1. Sam Lane. At times you are slightly annoying. And you are definitely insane. Crazy and random and at times slightly scary... okay only one time and that was the pee thing rofl. >.<
    still weird
    but you are caring and sensitive and kind and a good friend, and fair.
    and i love you! (: