Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Tear.

One small river of emotion
travels steadily down her face.

Yep, i thought it sounded pretty.
So yeh, i still feel like bloggin, but still have nothing to say

oh, i thought of another song title, that would go in my Doodle Pad album

its called 'Manipulative'

and it ironically appeared on the side of a building when we were trying home from marion and we were having a conversation about alex mcintoshs birthday

i was sitting there for ages while we waited in traffic, and i kept reading Manipulative on the side of this building, but it never sunk in what it said, and then as we were driving away, i was like, wait a minute, manipulative, and i found it silently hilarious how at that time, we had been talking about alex mcintosh

because he is a manipulative as it gets

dam jackass

dont get me wrong, i've been his friend for ages, but since the last time i saw him, well like properly spent a commendable amount of time with him, so much crap has been told, and i have realised so many different things, and its like, well now i just dont know how to be around him, and like i just yeh

i dont trust him

simple as

but yeh

i just saw on the side of this build 'manipulative'

i dont understand why it was even on the side of this building, it just randomly was, and i just decded to jot it down, because i could easily make a song that fitted with that, and i have kinda the jist of what the song would be about, so yeh

its all cool

hhmm, well

love you all muchly


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