Friday, November 28, 2008


i wish to make a distraction

for thats what you wanted

hello there boopy



how are you doing

what are you up to

what is your favourite colour

favourite animla

favoutire holdaiy memory

funniest aunt or uncle

best christmas present

your lifes aspirations

dream job

favourite childrens names

dream house

dream holiday

answer all those questins as fu fillig as you can for me

a) to distract you
b) so i can know you better

1 comment:

  1. haha sorry this didn't come up yesterday? sadface.
    but thank you!
    anyway. okay here goes.
    i'm doing great now, went shopping with money for the first time in ages, bought a tshirt which you shall see me wearing in a pic on here soon coz it makes me lol
    yeah, with my sister
    was fun
    last night was great (:
    i yeah just got home from town
    my favourite colour, can't really say a colour but the colour of the sea in it's everchanging shades (L) (L) (L)
    yeah i'm a sea freak lol
    favourite holiday memory, year 7 camp and year 10 KI the last day on this beach that is half hidden and it was amazing and sunny and one of those days where you're so happy to be alive you feel like singing and dancing and full of energy and with people you love, it's amazing (:
    funniest uncle, my uncle dexter, who is really fat lololol
    and my favourite aunt, his wife tina, who is a hairdresser,
    best christmas present? i don't really get christmas presents but some i'd love are Soundwave ticket, Phantom of the Opera ticket. for this year ;P
    I want to be an author! And I want to make a difference in a good way, to the world. I want to be a nurse or something so i can do this. Annnnd I want to get married to a lovely and hopefully not indian guy, and have kids even though really not keen on the pregnancy thing lol
    I want to make an impact on someone's life that they will never forget, and yeah
    dream job - being an author or like working for twloha
    i think zahra is a nice name but haven't really thought about it too much
    don't care about house, but i don't ever want to live alone, i get scared easily, and not a huge house either unless it's filled with people (:
    a friendly house, not a cold, dark, gloomy, although opulent and wealthy looking and imposing house >.<
    don't care about holiday, as long as it's with friends kinda