Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Defined - Un

Well, I Am A Negative Person. Honestly.
I Have To Be, Otherwise I Wouldn't Be Able To Appreciate The Positive.
But Then Again, I Prefer To Be Happy.

I Am A Strange Person.
My Definition.
Strange. Weird. Uncanny. Odd. Interesting. Freaky. Random.

Honestly, I Don't Care What Most People Think Of Me.
Except Of Course. Those People Out There That I Put So Much Trust Into.
Then I Kinda Start To Care.

As Love Is. As Normal Is. As Chaos Is. As Humanity Is.
Always Undefined, But Used As A Certainty Of Knowledge.

I'm Being Cryptic (Sorry Larissa(You Said In A Blog You Didn't Like Things Being Cryptic)
I Like Being Cryptic.
It Helps Me Relax And Feel Like I Can Say What I Like.

My Actions Don't Comply With My Thoughts.
Yet My Heart Allows All To Happen.
All Is Unwell.


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