Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Old Myspace Profile Information - Continued

Just A Shoebox Full Of Paranoia & Paradise. My Mind. If You Can Understand That, Then You Understand Me.

To Challenge The Impossible. Thats What All My Goals Are Subject Too. Me Trying To Break Free.

To Hold Your Head Up High, When Everyone Is Looking Down On You. Thats The Person I Want To Be. Everyday.

Save The King, And Be Called A Hero. Save Everyone Else, And Be Called A Legend.

A Moment Can Last Forever, Or A Year Can Go By Like A Flash. Times A Bitch. So I'm Making The Most Of What I Have.

No Tragedy Comes Without Its Love. Find It. Stand Up To It.

To Believe In A Form Of Normality, Is To Be Condemned A Freak. To Relish In Our Differences Is To Experience Unique. Our Individuality Is A Gift.

We Were Given The Gift Of Free Will, And We Took Advantage Of It. To Have A Choice Over Anything That Goes On In Our Lives, Is To Have The Opportunity To Make It Better, But Instead We Took That, And Created Our Own Hells. We Have The Will To Make Things Right Again.

Armoured Cars And Traffic Jams. We Protect Ourselves From Everything Around Us, But We Still End Up Getting Stuck With Everyone Else Trying To Do The Same. An Explanation To My Strange Phrase.

My Anthem. Its The Song Of My Soul. If You'd Only Care To Listen.

First To Care. First To Help. First To Be Forgotten.

Condemned Out Of Spite. Personally I Would Prefer To Go To Hell, Knowing I Have Done All Good I Can, Rather Than Go To Heaven, All Because I Have Asked For Forgiveness At The End. So Out Of Pure Spite, I Hope To Be Condemned.

Stand Up, Be Counted. Hold A Freeze, Wait For The Crowd To Notice. Ultimatum, Sit Down.

Lonely Is A State Of Mind. To Be Surrounded By People Doesn't Make You Any Less Of A Singular In This World Of Fulls. Just Make The Most Of Who You Have, And When You Have Them.

Simple Truths Of Me


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