Thursday, November 6, 2008

Defined - Trois

What Am I Even Defining.
Nothing Really, Except Maybe My Thoughts And Tribulations.
Trois, Three, Third, Thrice. Yep. My Third Defined And I Have Defined Nothing More Than My Obnoxious Ramblings, And My Incessant Desire To Have Everything Aligned To The Right Side Of The Page.
I Am A Douche Sometimes, In The Way I Do Things Because I Feel Like It.

As I Stated Previously. These Blogs Relax Me.
Thats What I Use Them For, To Relax, De Stress, Release Excess Negativity. Although, I Have Started To Be More Positive In My Blogs, Which I Think Is A Good Thing. Yey.
The Calm Before The Storm Maybe. Or Maybe Just Things Going In The Right Direction.
The Latter Will Be Good I Think.

McGlasses And McDrums Concern Me At The Moment. Both Of Wish Seem To Be Having Bad Weeks.
Due To The Departure Of The Year 12's.
There Isn't Much I Can Do, Other Than Just Be A Friend.
McBass Is Such A Lovely Person. Yey For People.

I Spent A Few Minutes Down Science, And Felt Comfortable Enough To Spend More.
But I Still Prefer Music. The Atmosphere Is Better, And I Love The People There Just A Little Too Much To Leave Them.
Smiles Make Me Happier.
I Think I Am Happier.

I Am Wondering, Whether I Am Feeling Myself Again. I Think I May Be.
But When I Stop, I Duno. I Don't Feel Like Myself These Days Still. I Think, Maybe. I Just Feel Odd. Not Myself. Its So Hard To Explain.
I Don't Know. I Will Just Be Who I Want To Be. A Good Person.
I Am Strong Tho. Which Is Good. I Have My Will Power Back. I Think. But Like, I Feel Strong.

I Just Feel A Bit Uncertain, Undefined.
I Will Just Have To Go With The Flow A Bit More.
I Need To Think Less Maybe. I Don't Know. Thats Hard For Me. I Think To Much, Because It Is So Easy For Me. I Can Think About Anything And Like It Can Be Quick And Like, Mmm.
I Think If I Stopped Like Thinking, The Way I Think. I Think I May Truly No Longer Be Myself.

I Need To Find My Center.
I Need To Breath Some More.
I Need To Channel My Soul A Bit, Lol.
I Shall Be Ok. I Am Always Ok. I Am Strong And I Have Ultimate Will Power And Optimism On My Side, :P.

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