Saturday, May 2, 2009


So, another prospect. I shall name this one, Mr A.

Mr A and I have been sharing conversations now for hhmm, about 3 weeks I'd say. We have pretty similar ideas on people, and what we want. Apparently, Mr A has some rather bitchy rich friends, that I should need to watch out for if anything were to happen.

Now, our conversations have gone further than the net, and have gone further than just casual chit-chat. If I didn't constantly feel ugly and fat, then I would feel that I could just simply jump this guy and get it over with. Mr A does continuously barrage me with 'Your cute'. Mr A also enjoys my accent. Score one for the English guy.

But the thing Mr A just said to me. 'I wish you were pure'. Oh no he didn't. Yes, yes he did. Now, you may or may not have ever realised this, but I occasionally feel like a whore. A dirty, legs open, loose fitting, sausage down hallway, whore. EEWW. Wait, not quite to that extent, good god no. But a knee bending whore, non the less.

Mr A, simply would prefer if his first time was with also a first timer. Causing me to go from, cute English boy, to dirty soiled man whore, in the space of a second. Damn this. Damn it all.

I need a booster, not a downer. Continue talking about how fun it is touching yourself and forget about telling me how much of a slut I have been.

Well, for those who have just read that, and have changed there opinion on me, or any of my affiliates. Please be prepared to tell me the truth when ever we may cross paths.

Anyways. Bridge is a tosser. Oh, there are 2 other names I need. Hhhmm, how about, Deborah Harry and Little Alpha. Deb H and Alpha for short. If you search Deborah Harry, you will probably get links to the band 'Blondie'. Alpha is a Greek letter. That's the reasons for those nicknames.

Deb H once courted with Bridge. But they aren't together anymore. But Deb H, is also a bit of a tosser. In fact, Deb H hasn't spoke to me in a while. Bitch.

As for Alpha, well, almost perfection. Practically all the same interested and feelings towards anything. But, I duno. I say this, because that's how I see it, but really there is more to it.

Hhmm, so my list of names, are: Mr A, Bridge, Deb H and Alpha. LOL. I am a weirdo.

This is all for future reference. I like a sense of un knowing.

For the 2 people that read this, I hope you futurly enjoy my explanations of these nicknames, and the people that fronted them. You'll see.

I only love those who love back.


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  1. i bet i know who Deborah Harry and Little Alpha are.