Friday, May 8, 2009

I Will Not Antagonize The Situation

At this present moment in time, I am being hated for supposedly starting a rumor that apparently is going to cause someone to be bashed.

There is nothing I have said anywhere, that could be taken out of context to become a rumor, and have some connection to this person.

I say that, because I have probably said things and they have had consequences for other people, I duno. But simply, this person is no longer talking to me, because they think I am going to cause them to be bashed.

I would be OK with this, realistically, if I knew I had done something wrong. But I know I haven't done anything. So it is annoying me, how this person hasn't even considered asking me my side of things.

At least offer me an opportunity to explain. Rather than completely shutting me out. That's all I want.

It's causing its own problems among people I don't think deserve to have the problems lain on. If that makes sense.

It's unfair really. Especially considering how well we were getting on the night before. Within the space of half a day, things went from absolutely brilliant, to a plane crash.

It's this kind of stuff that makes me such an angry person sometimes. I;ve done nothing wrong, but am being punished for it.

I hate bitchy Year 12's that hate me. Jumping to conclusions and then forming stories from it. It's them that have done this, I can just see how it all happened.

I am being more pissy and sarcastic and annoying.

All will be fine, when I get my chance to speak


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