Saturday, May 23, 2009


I just swept up the leaves around my house. It was a stressful job, mainly because I made it stressful. I'd get frustrated and such. My i-pod head phones falling out of my ears, or the wind blowing the leaves, or the bag to put the leaves in not staying open and all the leaves falling on the floor. Either way, I was conscience of how angry I kept getting.

So, its 8 days til my birthday. Tomorrow is will be a week away. Wooh. I have a brilliant idea for what I want to do for my birthday. It should work out nicely. It's a very 'me' kind of thing. I will tell you, when I know if I can do it. You can sit there and ponder what it might be, for now.

I've been stressing about my travel plans for tonight. Lucky, my dad has saved me, and offered to pick me up, as well as take me. But I think he added extra sweeping areas, just to even it out. I don't mind. I wasted about $6-7 of credit, on texting people to see if they could take me home. But it's all cool now.

I am listening to Miley Cyrus. I am actually unsure why. I like her songs, to an extent, but I'm not quite sure why I decided to listen to her.

I have jobs for my mum to do now. The usual, vacuum the living room, and clean my bedroom. It's all cool.

I think I will need to have another shower.


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