Saturday, May 2, 2009

Life Is What Happens When Your Busy Making Plans

I think I might just actually go crazy now. a) I'm bored, b) I feel unnaturally down, as I have done all week, and c) I just don't want to be fat anymore.

The title is a 'Sex and the City' quote, if anyone wished to know. No, of course no one wanted to know, because no one is reading this. So why do I care that I am rambling.

Dear Diary.

That's what this is like, this is my diary. The only one reading this, is the diary itself. So the god of blog is reading what I am saying. That fits with what I know of organised religion.

Well, my credit went from $28 to $5. Dam them all. That was one phone call.

I feel like partying. If I knew anyone that partied, and would take me with them. Then I would be partying.

That could be a way to develop some more of my whoreness and lower even more of my self esteem. Sounds good huh.

If anyone is reading this and thinking IDC. Go f**k a lemon.

If your reading this thinking, Oh god, whats going on. Ask me. But don't be prepared for a straight answer.

I love you less now than when you attacked me and left me to drown.


1 comment:

  1. im off to search for a lemon. kthxbai - from CCH who has hi-jacked Toivoa's login.