Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Irony Will Kill This School

Why don't you trust me little one? The questions I am now asking myself.

Am I a trustworthy person. Do you people trust me? I don't want to know for what reasons for or against, I would just like to know if I am a trustworthy person. She's got me shaken.

In fact, who do I trust. Wholey and soley. No one, I guess. There are people I would tell certain things to, or wish to say certain things about, but I never truly open up to people, or give people the chance to get inside (LOL) and like, hmm. Even on here I don't really open up, I may hint to certain things, or subtly talk about something, but realistically I don't.

Is that really the problem. No one will open up because I don't either.

Only time will tell.


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