Monday, May 11, 2009

A Red As Anger Can Be

I am angry.

Generally, I try my best to not be an angry person, but every more often than most, I have a spurt of anger.

When I mean more often, I mean like once a week is good for me. As I have previously stated, my home is a catastrophy, and the basic release point of my anger. So most of you have no real idea of the pinnacle of my stresses.

Right now, I am rightly pissed at the fact that half of my script is missing. It is lost in the ether, and will never be seen again. Write, so now, instead of just putting it on the end of a editted copy of my first half, I now have to completely re write it.

I hate not having a stick.

Tomorro, be warned. I will eat the faces of anyone who gets in my way.


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