Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sad Eyes

I've been listening to Bat for Lashes recently. I downloaded 2 albums, but only one works, but that's OK. It just means that I will listen to one at a time.

The songs are nice, the kind that I like. They are sweet and having something to them. But yeh.

I like to blog while listening to music, because it generates a certain mood in me. Plus, certain music makes me want to write certain things. It's all just a cycle that steadily releases what I have always wanted to say.

Atm, I am feeling quite relaxed and refreshed, because I don't have SO much school work anymore. It's all good now. Less stress.

Oh, this song begins oddly. I've heard it before, but i can't remember the way it sounds. Mmmm, odder still.

Apparently Natasha Khan wants to be like Sarah.


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