Friday, May 8, 2009


I'm sitting here, my mother and two of her friends sitting around the kitchen table chatting, my sister in her bedroom with her friend, and me contemplating everything.

Its not a very entertaining concept when you think of it.

I rarely, truly open up to people. I certain things that I think need to be said, or i say stuff on here, but I never truly try to pen up to any specific person. I think that's whats pissing me off the most. I'm not trusted enough, but I have trusted them.

Goodness Gracious Me.

Even though I feel this whole situation isn't one that deserves anyone responding with capital letters. It is bothering me, quite a bit.

'There's no preventative, directive or safe approach for living. We each know our own fate We know from our youth how to be treated, how we'll be received, how we shall end These things don't change You can change your clothes, change your hairstyle, your friends, cities, continents But sooner or later your own self will always catch up.'

That is my favourite song lyric/quote thing.

I put on a firefox persona thing, and its a cherry blossom tree.

I am trying to get 62 post in May. Double the amount of days. Averaging ofcourse to 2 a day. But yeah.



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