Friday, May 29, 2009

An Introduction of The Alphabet

YAY. A new person. One that could of been a prospect previously, but one I had not taken the chance to go for. I am concerned about the number of arrogant people out there, and so get very disconsolate with people sometimes.

He shall futurally been known as: Zed. LOL

LOL, frivolity.

I have been a facebook friend of Zed for a while now. But haven't really tried talking to him. Then tonight I was like, screw it, i'm saying hi. Through IM ofcourse. I then added his myspace and msn, and now we are talking. Good fun.

Only one defining detail, his orientation. oop.

Hmm, Mr A as well. Could be a good night. I shall work on finding out what kind of type Zed is into, lol. I am a loser. WOOHOOO He is bi. YAY.

Now it gets personal.


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