Monday, May 18, 2009

... But I Have The Key.

So, hey. I have been blogging a lot lately. I gather most people are skimming, which is cool. I didn't really have the expectation that people would be sitting here reading them all.

Today, I have felt kind of out of it. Like I am just on the side or something. Ah well. As I always must do, I shall ignore it, and move on. Hopefully I will feel Ok later.

My hair annoyed me this morning. I had a shower, and got out, my hair was wet, and I dried it, and did what I always do, and them my hair was all weird and just shit, and it annoyed me, and I got angry. I always get angry. Why do I get angry? Ah well, again. My anger is pointless.

I am tired I think, maybe.

Little orange sticky notes. Theatre styles?

I am in the mac labs at school again. Not on the dodgy computer, so its all OK.

I need to sleep or something. Get away, or something. Nah, I need to just get my act together, or something. Just stop caring.

This keyboard is dirty. I can imagine that there is years worth of bacteria on here. Great!



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