Saturday, May 2, 2009

Don't Disappear

Little girl, with her mouth so dry. Don't wither away. Don't un knowingly die.

I recently have been thinking a lot about all those numbers of people out there in the world, that have eating disorders.

The play I'm writing for drama has an anorexic girl in it. I hope to do the issue justice. Properly give a genuine display. Well, through the way I write it.

But it just occasionally comes back into my head, and makes me rather sombre. Morbid. My thoughts on the whole thing has become more elevated lately.

Anyways. If there is anyone paying attention to my blog, they would realise that I just keep posting. This is because I a) want to complete some form of undefined quota and b) because I have a lot I need to say, and am saying it now.



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