Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It Began With A Hippo, As All Stories Should

I've got practically nothing to do, atm. I just need to write out a good copy of my english oral, and I will be all set. So I am rather bored.

I am thinking about going home, but don't really want to. I want to talk to Holly. Something is kind of off at the moment between us, and I really feel something needs to be done. I possibly need to talk to Alpha as well. I duno.

I have decided to finish my write up, of 'The Adventures of Lam'. Which is my happy story. Its random and fun. My take on a modern day Alice in Wonderland. I guess.

I may put my short story thing, 'Annabeth'. Which is a short story, that is kind of in relation to 'I Am Clara'. I say kind of, because neither story adds anything to the other. Its like a spin off. But its very different. I may put it up here for you to read, depends how I feel about it later.

I probably should work on my oral thing. LOL.

Nah, I am not in the mood atm. I really can't do it. Honestly I don't care if the copt I gave looked like a peice of crap. I am comfortable with that, the oral itself was a peice of crap anyway.

Listening to Taylor Swift again. My latest musical fascination.

I am concerned for you.


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