Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Blue Spray Can

I was expecting have a relatively bad day. I was going to be angry and stuff. I was in that kind of mood last night. Like, when I got to bed, I was all angry and everything, and hated the world. Today though, I don't hate the world, I am OK with the world. So, I am alright today.

I'm just going to check something.

Yay, I like my reflection today. I don't feel ugly. Woop!

or fat, for that matter. I feel good today. I haven't felt 'good' in a while. I think.

Oh wait a minute. I told some people, they know who they are, about something involving one of my nicknames. With the thing, and another thing. Oops. Possibly just spilled some beans.

I am biting my nails again. I had been doing so well, and now they just look like shit. Dammit.

I'm looking forward to this weekend. I feel up to going to the after party. LOL. Last night, I was telling myself I wanted to get pissed. But really, I don't. I can imagine the things people would say, if randomly I started drinking. 'He just wants to fit in, because he ha no friends' or something along those lines. People are bitches. LOL.

Nah, I was angry and upset last night. This is after my blogging. Unless it sounds like I was angry/upset in my posts. But I can't remember. I am still trying to be ignorant. But that has failed. My hand is starting to hurt a little. I don't know why.

Ah well.

I would like the option to fly.


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