Friday, May 8, 2009

Kimba's Tambourine

'It's not the nightmares that stop me from sleeping. I just know that you are awake as well.'

My brother liked my latest facebook status update. He thought it was poetic.

I thought I would share it with you, just because I thought it was nice as well.

The future is the mystery of life. The great inconclusive puzzle. Time is simply the passage into the maze, but not the way to the middle.

Kimba is one of the names I want to name one o my kids. I want children. Always have, always will. Kimba will be my first girl. Obie will be my first boy. Then I have Wilbur and maybe Thebes. Anyone in my classics class will know what Thebes is. But yeh, I have always wanted children, my own children. I want my own flesh and blood, and I want to try and grow some good, nice people. I want to succeed in generating lovely human beings.

Obie is a nice name, I think. It can work with any type of person. Obie Jack, Kimba Ace, Wilbur Aitken and Thebes Athene. LOL, the last one is very much ancient Greek. But I love them people. My kids will have odd names, but ones you can learn to accept. I think. Well Kimba and Wilbur are real names. Thebes is the name of a place. Obie is the name of the dog from garfield. Its all cool.

My dilemma with the future, is the possibility of these human beings never coming into existence. If you firstly consider my orientation for a start. But I have never pictured my future with a partner, but just simply with the kids. Surrogates and randoms ovaries. That'll do me. Raise some children on my own. Single dad. Sure, children are probably meant to have some form of maternal thing, but I'm not the kind of person to go traditional. Am i.

I want babies, and I then was kids and then I want teens, and I want them to turn into proper adults and have a proper life and make a difference. Holly thinks I would be a good dad. I want to be a Dad.

It's ok though. That future is rather far away. I am lonely atm. Very lonely.

Obie Jack Lane.



  1. It's not about whether it's traditional or not, kids are meant to have a motherly influence and a fatherly influence... It helps a lot and while lots of kids get raised with just one or whatever, and turn out great, the thing is it is much more beneficial to them, because mother and father play different roles in a child's life yada yada. And having two parental figures balances out their bringing up, theoretically in a good way, although there are far too many tragic cases of this going wrong. Still.

  2. ok, maybe it would not be me not going the traditional route, but rather me just doing things the way nature would frown upon. possibly. I duno.