Saturday, May 9, 2009

To The One On The Phone

High five Nail Biting Buddy.

LOL, just caught my brother and his girl friend playing 'scrabble'. My brother was naked, so I don't know what kind of scrabble they were playing.

Ah, that has lightened up my sombre mood.

LOL, myspace 'might' be having issues. Ah, the conversation in my head is making me laugh. Another sign I am losing it.

Ooo, recently been listening to Bat For Lashes. I like it, except for the copy of the second album I downloaded kinda makes popping sounds, and cuts out after 30 seconds. But the first album is sweet.

Otherwise, I am still pissed.

Realized how sad this hater must think I am. Oh btw people, The person who has stopped talking to me because they think I started a rumour, is Alpha.



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