Monday, December 15, 2008

A Look At Life

An untarnishedly resplendent weekend, fordone by the 2 most impractically autocratic, bantam acquiescent and complaisantly/pregnantly hypocritical and perceptively unjust members of my family.

Inevitably proving every point i have concluded about my demeaning relatives and there tragically self apostatizing understanding of family.

The tasteful requital of a little girl scorned by her own forth comings, turns against the single person who outstandingly aided her, through the foray of her blindly cogent procreator's.

Therefore consorting the wrath of a cacophonous sire and his delusive endeavors to eradicate one sons drive, inviting it upon me.

This weekend was scintillating, exalting and notably unforgettable, I'd aspire to retain its essence imperishably, but it was dolefully dilapidated by the lamentable juncture of the attenuate reestablishment to my deteriorated shanty.

I exhibit disorientation in my intrinsic habitation, i am overwrought with the method of humanity encompassing me and I shall, in one term, surmise to affirm these kin erroneous.

Adulation Relish xx

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  1. You. Are banned from the thesaurus. lol.