Monday, December 1, 2008

I Am A Wall Flower ..

.. not the prettiest, but you'll see.


I Am The New Sample Of Breed, Trying To Individualize Ones Self.

Be Myself, Yet Being Like Them.

Do What I Want, But Still Following A Trend.

Contusions Of Chaotic Contradictions And Anomalies.

Moving Onwards.

I Grow Tired Of Relaxing.

I Was Born To Adventure.

A Story Should Be Written, Not Tales Of Tiresome And Lonely Exploits Of An Average And Basic Day.


Sweet And Adorable, Yet Terrible. Why Must The Unraveling Of The Tragedies Keep Coming.

The Universe Has Forsaken Me.

Dam That Which Controls But Not Lives Through.

The Moments When I Am Ripped Of This World, The World Shall Feel Its Own Pains.



I Love Those Who Don't Care What They Are Loving. But I Hate Breaking Their Hearts.

Double Meaning.

I Am Persistent.

A Promise Keeper.

I Can Be The Biggest Bitch You've Ever Seen.

I Shall Have To Be.

Doom. Shakalaka.

*Heart Pours On To Itself. The Shred Of Tears Rolling Down A Dry Cheek.*

Oh, The Madness.

Mmm, Well Anyways.

Love Love, To Those Who Need It.


P.S. Make A Wish, And I Shall Wish Along Too.

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