Saturday, December 27, 2008

Tracy Chapman Eat Your Heart Out

Well, Christmas is gone. But I am still on the best buzz ever, had the best 3 days. Christmas was just brilliant. Boxing day was packed with the most fun ever, and today is just the most brilliant of chill down days.

I shall elaborate later, I'm too distracted listening to all the songs i have downloaded and put on my new i-pod.

Oh, and Pink's new album is just awesome. As well as Snow Patrol's. Vantage Point is just a brilliantly made movie, I recommend it.

Love Love xx


  1. i dont like snow patrols new album, I have it, and I dont listen to it much. It's so different from their other stuff.
    but I'm glad you had a great christmas
    love you xx

  2. have you listened to there albums before, because it is quite the same.