Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Parade Of Visions

I've been satisfactorily bored all day. i didnt get out of me pj's til 4pm, i spent most of the day playing 'The Movies' on my computer and i have ate stuff.

Yesterday i watched alot of TV. I've been watching a lot of Sex and the City these holidays. hhmm

I saw the Season 4 Finale of One Tree Hill yesterday, that was pretty emotional, and then i flipped the channel, and put on Scrubs, and it was another season finale, and that was also quite emotional, well in the last few minutes. So within the space of 10 minutes are had watched 2 very gripping peices of TV. haha

I dont have much i feel like talking about, odd thoughts have came in and out of my head over the past 36 hours.

Its only 5 more sleeps till Christmas, WOO. I am excited.

My sister is still using the word 'retarded', and i am still telling her off about it. Damn brat.

i shall refined some on my points that i wish to mention on here, for a later date.

Love love xx

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