Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My Myspace Blogs

Were not for you people. infact the point of them, was firstly, to clean up my myspace profile page, and secondly, to put forth to the people who cant even pretend that they know me, and give the idea that i can be smart and display things in a way, that does need more thinking for. It wasn't meant to be overly intellectual, i knew all the words i used before i looked them up, it was just making the choice to try out different words.

You don't know me well enough to make the decision that i cant be intelligent. i know its not what i am known for, my intelligence, but that's because i have never displayed my full extent, but whatever. i shall go back down to a level that makes people feel more comfortable, or to a level that shows what my usual way is, and just hold back on what i could give.

I may not be the greatest genius on this plant, but i sure wish i was.

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