Monday, December 15, 2008

It Makes Sence, It Is Perfect English.

Amphibological Suppositions, Consequently, Perplexing Aftermath.

Amaurotic Paroxysm, Motivates Baffling Conglomerations Of Pandemonium.

The Prospective Is Austere And Dubiously Conjectural.

Adieu And I Love You.


  1. It may be perfect English, but its also perfect crap to most readers unless you have a dictionary and enjoy looking up every word in a sentence in a dictionary...
    Isn't it easier to just write like a normal person please?

  2. I never write like a normal person, and if you really wanted to know, you could just ask. it wasnt for most people, infact, it wasnt for anyone, it was simply to pass over my own boredom