Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Thing

'one day, i hope i shall'

That is the misunderstood section, of my most commonly quoted part of my 'Tear Stained Tuesdays' post.
That little phrase, is me telling people, that i don't believe i am intellectually superior to the world. I believe that i have a different kind of intelligence, and that in certain fields i would be better than most at, but i also conclude that so would most other people.
But what i am saying in in this quote, is that i hope i may meet the person, that is intelligent in just the same way as me, and knows what i mean when i talk, without me having to explain, and that they shall out shine me in what i know. i want to meet the person who knows what i know, understands what i have to say, but also knows just enough more, to make me gasp and be amazed. No one has yet read one of my posts, and decided to ask me a question about it, or tried to learn a little bit more about what i mean. I want to meet the person, that without asking or inviting, asks about me, and wishes to know, so that in the end, i can return the favor to the grandest of my ability.
I don't quite think that gave my meaning justice, but eh. I tried. That's all i can do.

I love all those who try.

I have been emotionally filled tonight. Now i am relaxed in my capacity. :)

Love Love xx

1 comment:

  1. Lately all your blog posts make me think one thing. Either you:
    - Enjoy trying to make others feel stupid (and fail).
    - Or are just totally stuck up.
    Lately my comments make me think I:
    - Am a total bitch.