Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Sun Is Setting On The Day Before Christmas.

So the sun is setting. The shadows are getting longer. This day has gone by fast than i had expected. I am looking forward to tomorrow, it should be good. I sure hope everyone has a better Christmas than they expect. I wish you all a magnificent day tomorrow.

It won't be long now and all those little kids, that still believe in the old fat man and his antlered deers, will be scrummaging through a pile of neatly piled presents. The crumbs of left over cookies and an empty glass from the milk (or occasionally beer) they left for Santa and maybe even a carrot nub coarsely gnawed at. The parents looking pleasantly as the children find there desires nestled under their three.

There shall be those families, that might actually be divulging into some before hand present openings. Already there are parents watching over their child's face, as they light up with joy. But they shall still have their Christmas day, and all the more present shall be opened when they wake. As for now, they're just getting their taster of whats to come.

But sadly, even though there will be all this joy everywhere, there shall still be those homes and families, that don't quite have the celebratory Christmas. An argument may erupt, challenges may be met or just the basic chaos of having people in such close quarters. There are people, right now, questioning whether it is worth getting excited for this day, because they know, as far as history can state, that their Christmas will not run smoothly.

So I hope you all have a good Christmas, whether you believe you will or not. You all deserve at least one day this year, to just be unquestionably happy. I hope you all have enough hope to believe you shall.

Love Love xx


  1. Also another thing to think about.

    Some children in poorer countries (even as old as 13) will be opening their first chirstmas present ever, thanks to Samaratin's Purse (haha irony of your username) and other similar organisations.

    I know that a 2-4 year old girl somewhere in the world is opening the box of goodies I made and that excites me alot more than anything I will get tomorrow.

  2. Yup. I just had to go out the front where my little sis and bro left some carrots for the reindeer and chew the hell out of them xD

  3. i have one thing to say. sorry.
    but. just.
    "rummaging" is a better fit than "scrummaging" in "will be scrummaging through a pile of neatly piled presents"
    anyway you have a merry christmas too.