Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Cutlery Draw

That's cool, that's cool.
I love it when people rant at me. When they have something to say, and they are honest. Of course what there saying likes incite and actual knowledge on me, but sure, they bring up some interesting points.

Hmm, I just found the most interesting Truthbox comment ever.

'I think i hate you. Your not as great as you think you are. You seem to fail at everything. Your not smart. You not academically smart, because you fail lots of your lessons. You cant be socially smart because you have no friends, and the ones that you do have you insult and say bad things too.You cant be smart through your logic, because your decisions are going to ruin your life, for example missing all of your lessons. Your only ability you can advertise is the fact that because you never have anyone to spend time with, you spend hours thinking of rediculas sentences in an attempt to make you appear smart. The truth is that i dont think anyone looks up too you. I think you should put down the dictionary'.

I find it certainly a bit harsh, and unnecessary. I could easily sit here and cut down on ever thing that is said about me, right here. But honestly, I'm just going to let this person believe they know me enough to judge me. I hold no grudges against people and there opinions. I'd just prefer people to be able to back it up.

Well, just thought I'd let you lot have a looksies.

Love Love xx

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  1. ouch. but that's their honest opinion. how interesting. that's what truth boxes are for. although mine stresses me out heaps. and i'd probs be devastated if that was in mine. but i love the good stuff in there too. who could it be..?