Monday, December 15, 2008

I Hate Time

If we did not live in a society that believed time was a thing in life that we cant live without, then things would be better. If we did not have it pushed into us all the time, that time is something that we must live around, and deal with, then we would be better off.
We are all lead to believe that time is one of those certainties in life that we cant get around, and so no one tries. but if we were to, if we were to just let time slip away, and not take any notice of what time it is, or how much time things is taking, or planning stuff at certain times, then we would be free.

Until we can escape the grips of time, no one can truly say they are free.

I hate time, because it is so easy to just believe that there is no way of getting around it, and that it is impossible to get away from it. the tragedy is that we were born with the ideal of time itself. for there are indigenous tribes out there in the world that live as they are, and don't stress for any undefined meaning.
This also brings up the thing, of how the curiosity of the human race has steadily destroyed us as a society. our desire to know all there is, has left us in a rut of chaos and misery, and has made us so much more dependent on time.
A peaceful place, full of beauty and tranquility, away from curiosity and time.
That what i aspire for.

love love xx

(All thoughts in this post were collaborated by the discussion in the circle hole on the beach last night)


  1. completely agree sammy, you perfectly summed up half our conversation at the uncanny rock-hole last night... haha...

    keep 'em coming. love. xoxo.

  2. i just dont understand time. Full Stop.
    you could say that my curiosity and two years living as a physicist has ruined my life. I strive to understand all, and I can't understand something that is all around us, but we cannot see, touch, or experiment on it.
    it confounds me, and I hate it. But time keeps going, no matter what happens. It's an unstoppable force, unaffected by anything dependent on it.