Sunday, December 7, 2008

Pine Tree Parade

I Love Christmas

i am feeling rather sick, i may not be getting enough fluids, how sad


i felt the need to blog, and so here i am, as always, just typing away until an idea of someform pops into my head, or i bring up the necessary amount of knowledge and poignancy (lol) to start talking about anything that is getting to me

like the fact that when decorating our christmas tree, i decided to swear at my sister, because she was explaining to me how to place some beads, woot woot, shit house

i sing in the shower, like, all the time.

i've watched about 16 episodes of scrubs today, woo for me

i love drew barrymore, never been kissed, what a sweet movie, and i love drew barrymore


ah, channel ten and there random movie showings, hhhhmmmmm, so much jerry mcguire and back to the future

buts, i loves me a good drew barrymore


my computer is being rather shitty, as i speak it is signing me out of msn and stopping me from just moving back to the home page on myspace. this computer is so fucking shit, gah

aahh, and so it eventually decides to do something good with itself, hoorah


i am tired, and i honestly cant think of anything to talk about. well i could, but i dont really feel like it, i duno, mmm.

love love xx

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