Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tear Stained Tuesdays

Today was overly boring and, pompously and annoyingly thwart with a mixture of emotions.

i watcheth myself way too much TV.

i am now in love with One Tree Hill, such an up beatly simple show, with many plot flaws that i dont really get, but alot of good characters, with easy to understand motives, and like just generally some good storylines

well, from what i've seen from the 8 episodes i watched today


there was a nice point made which i thought was interesting. about fighting for those who stay quiet, silent. it was cool, i thought, an interesting message, that when first explained by the characters on the show, i didnt quite understand, but then from what played out afterwards, it became quite clear.

see now, one of the main girl characters, had 'Dyke' spray painted across her locker, and everyone started treating her weirdly, and like, all this mumbo jumbo. there was this girl, who in later episodes it turns out she is Bi, but she explains to the one dubber a dyke, about being in her old school, and some rumour, and like stuff. but anyways

so this main character, who is called Peyton, she decides that instead of hiding away and being all like intreverted about it, she decides to spray paint 'Dyke' across one of her t-shirts and wears it to school

the principal tells her to take it off or leave the school, so she gets suspended, not after having a g\huge massive splerge of well written emotions.

the point i am trying to make, is this one of people like fighting for things and like themselves, and especially other people. because peyton clearly stated to the principal and the school, that she is not a dyke, but that it shouldnt really defer from the fact, that people are

it was cool, i thought

there was this other part of the show i liked, there was an episode, where they were making a video time capsule. and throughout the episode the main characters, the significant characters, all come along and say what they have to say, all making brilliant points about life and such

i just thought it would be a brilliant ideo to do something like that, just like talk to a camera, and record your feelings, but no body watch it, not until 50 years later, and everything is different

just a nice experiment to see how peoples ideas on stuff change and like yeh.

i am completely rambling away

i am honestly quite impressed with the intergrity and writing behind this show, its pretty cool.



i am still in a overly creative fever, but with like a super dooper writers block, and like i have the buzz but no power to keep it flowing, if you get what i mean


blogging helps me to just speak out, but i dont necessarily need to be creative to do it, so mmm. i duno. i have nothing to do tomoro, but i cant go to get my hair cut then, because my mum doesnt have any money to give me, so mm, thrusday or friday, hopefully, and my little marion buddy larissa, hopefully.

i duno, i am liking the idea of just going to marion, and just like doing shit all, and like, i guess talking lol. i duno, it makes me smile. especially since no one has been willing to take me up on my offer, and you seem to eager, but that might just be the fact of just doing something, but i duno. everyone else is tragicly overly busy to spend a minimum of like an hour and a hlaf with me in marion.

puts things in perspective sometimes. but eh

i do what i can for the people who let me try, but for those who keep there doors locked and windows shut, just their loss.


thats so overly petty and trivial. i dont do petty and trivial, i do outrageous and extravagant, lol.

i dont be grudge people doing other stuff with other people, that would be unfair of me. as bored and overly simple my times have been, its no one elses fault but my own, so i move on with my life.

so yes

ah, i am still rather a terrible person tho, but eh.

i duno


thats what i hold most closest to my heart

and thats how it shall stay, till i am forever lost of this world


if all else fails me, i keep my hope in my hand, everyday

and also, my optimistic and positive out look on life, and the way i can find the greatest part of any dreary and miserable thing that goes on.


i like polar bears

that is a fair enough statement


i am going to write a list of my goals and stuff, and like the things i want to do, just anything, like sing in the rain, or see a miracle, you know, the simple things


but yeh

its to make my myspace complete, haha

i finished my about me

i think its alright

i shall probably end up changing it, cos i am a tempermental genius.


but yesums

my imagination is coverted in the most brillaince of masterpeices

one day, the world shall understand ym genius more clearly

until then, i shall just have to be the modest intellectual


i'm sorry, i have not yet met a person i feel intellectually inferior to

one day, i hope i shall

but until then, i shall dwell in my most prized part of my personality.

we all need something we are happy with, andwith me, its my intellect

if you care to challenge me, then go a head



now, why would anyone want to do that, why would anyone wish to tear apart the most significant aspect of a person, what joys would they have in knowing, that they wish to tear down the complete and most honestly important aspect of someone. lol

i am rambling

because i can

but yes

i would love to be able to sing overly well, and like brilliantly, and be confident in knowing that i can. i thing to be able to sing, would be a magnificant thing to have. i dont know for certain of any singing talent i have. i know that i can hold a tune, but i dont know if my voice sounds right for singing, i duno if it would sound nice, mm

to honestly know that i could sing, would be a great thing, mmm

well i believe i can, to an extent, but i duno if it sounds nice and such, but yeh


i duno if anyone is still reaing this, i'm pretty sure, its probably gone past the insane level of just plain crap, but yeh

i just keep typing, typing away, til my hearts content

its how i do.


but i think i have gone on long enough


love love xx


  1. wow. well that was lengthy ^_^ i must admit, i skim read in order to reply to your comments, please be on, i would love to marion with you tomorrow!
    i was grounded today and yesterday, supposed to go out tonight but then shazz couldn't have me over
    and lol i read your paragraph to me, like, 4 hours even would be great
    and then stopped when you mentioned polar bears ;P
    i'll read it all later i promise
    i'm dying to be with people lol
    call me tomorrow morning 82708807 or free call optus my mobile.. unless you have stupid mytime lol

  2. and in response to your second comment, i agree
    you're so cute with what you think what would be pretty
    i find it repulsive but also attractive, can't you tell..? :$